Picturesque villas by riverfront

Premium NA Plots at Aranya - Indulgence Personified

Stylized amenities and features which resonate the luxury that every soul relishes. Paved walkways and manicured lawns, dotted with immaculate water bodies, make life at ARANYA exquisite. Every seemingly miniscule aspect has been deliberated upon to give you something that is truly unique.

Recharge and Rejoice

Apart from a relaxing stay at your villa or second home, Aranya offers you many choices to recharge and rejoice like kayaking, outdoor and adventure sports, campfires and star gazing. Our themed gardens and activity zones bring out the child in you and the hero in your child! So, Aranya is where every day you create a memory for lifetime.

Unlimited Conveniences

Where owning a villa is not a responsibility, but a place to sit back and get pampered!

From a housekeeping service to maintain your house to an expert landscaping team to sprucing up your garden, everything is at your very own disposal.

Be it unwinding in the evening with gourmet food that’s just a call away or entertaining your best-buddies in the privacy of your own space, your second home will quickly become your private refuge or the hottest party destination.

Inner Peace

A serenity that permeates into your soul and a space to connect with it. ARANYA is blessed to be able to create a Jain Mandir and Upashraya within the project

A place to connect with our roots and more importantly, with the Divine!

Nurturing Innocence

While the adults are busy acting as children, the little ones can get up to mischief of their own. Open games areas, equipped with all sorts of fun activities and innumerable leisure options, ensure an overload of fun within the safe environs of a gated community.